Loving the Community!

We haven’t been around long. Willesden Triathlon training sessions began about a year ago, with a couple of loyal attendees. At the beginning of this year, we officially launched the Willesden Triathlon Club and our numbers are slowly growing, with a strong and determined group of triathletes and soon-to-be triathletes training towards upcoming races and events.

What’s really cool now is that as we’ve start reaching out as a club, we’re learning more about the amazing group of sports clubs and organisations near Willesden as well as in the Greater London area.
These groups are as excited as we are about triathlon or running or cycling and want to help their fellow club succeed.

The triathlon community is growing and Willesden Triathlon Club is growing with it. Our thanks to Gladstone Parkrun, Willesden Cycling Club, Hillingdon Triathletes, Sudbury Court Running Club, London Fields Triathlon Club, Serpentine Running Club and all of the others who are tweeting with us, sharing the news about our events and are helping London to get fitter and faster!