Member Achievements

This page celebrates some of our member achievements; we may be friendly but we mean business!


I’ve been qualifying with a good for age time for London since 2015. I entered the ballot in 2014 but didn’t get a place so decided to enter Manchester marathon instead and try to get a good for age time.

I finished in 3:25:55, ahead of my goal (but apparently the course was a bit short!). I’ve since also run Chicago and Boston marathons with good for age places, and try to maintain a good for age marathon time every year (with success so far). I’ve yet to beat my Manchester time though!


I joined the club in 2014 as a beginner and the combination of friendly encouragement, fun, competitive training sessions and helpful coaching allowed me to improve way beyond my expectations.

I took part in the 2018 Standard Distance European Championships in Tartu, Estonia, representing Great Britain in the 30-34 age group.
I qualified for the race by placing fourth in my age group at the 2017 Castle Howard triathlon in North Yorkshire. 

The race itself was a brilliant experience, with the opportunity to test myself against amateur athletes from across Europe (as well as two other WTC members) on a fast course, perfect for flat-out racing!


This was the first marathon I’d ever used a run power meter for and the plan was to go sub 3:05 and qualify for London 2019.  My training hadn’t really gone quite to plan as my Dad had been ill but I knew that if held my target power I would come in around 3 hours.

With 10km to go I was on track but that last 10km was the hardest I’ve ever had to work in a race.  I was so pleased to go sub 3 and particularly as the qualifying time for London subsequently changed for 2019 to sub 3 for my age group. A negative split was an added bonus as was running it with a load of mates and getting to celebrate after.

(James’ splits shown below)


I learned to swim barely enough to do my first triathlon (London Triathlon 2013) and after this when I got enough confidence up I joined Willesden Triathlon club.

I mostly joined to improve my swimming but learned more abut running (from track sessions) and cycling (from speaking to other members) than I ever expected. I did an Ironman in 2016 and noticed my times in triathlon had become quite competitive.

Shortly after this attempted to qualify to represent Ireland at Age Group level. I competed in the European and World Championships in 2017 and then again in 2018 I competed in the European Championships, this time against fellow club mates Jonno and Alex. I can safely say this would have been very difficult without Willesden Triathlon Club.


It’s an honour to represent GB and I am glad I have experienced it at a world and European level. Being a part of WTC is an amazing experience.