Who are WTC?

None of the great training sessions and events of Willesden Triathlon Club could take place without our amazing Committee!

Kristin – Head Coach & Founder

Coach Kristin Duffy has participated in triathlon for well over 10 years. Despite growing up as a non-athletic bookworm (and needing to stop three times during her first one-mile run), she tentatively signed up for a 5k run, crossed the finish line, and decided it was time to try a tri. It only took one and she was hooked (St. Anthony’s in St. Petersburg, Florida, if you’re curious).

She started the Willesden Triathlon Club to bring triathlon to an area in London that didn’t have a club, and more importantly, to get other aspiring triathletes of ALL levels to the finish line.

Kristin is a BTF Level 2 Coach, a certified Leader in Running Fitness and a Spinning® instructor. Kristin is also the race director for the annual Willesden Aquathlon and Triathlon.
Contact: headcoachwillesdentri@gmail.com

Kristin - Head Coach

James – Coach & Coach Liaison

Role: I regularly coach swim and run sessions at Willesden Tri Club and I am now also responsible for making sure we always have enough coaches to deliver the sessions.

Why I joined: I joined WTC to improve my triathlon times and meet some great people.

Contact: coachliasonwillesdentri@gmail.com

James - Coach & Coach Liaison

Lucy – Coach & Membership

Role: I’m the person you get through to if you are interested in joining the club. I send out information and answer any questions people have about joining. I have custody of members swim hats and membership cards, so if you’ve joined and don’t have these, remind me! I also coach for the club.

Why I joined: I joined the club in 2013 after entering the ballot and winning a place in the Hyde Park ITU triathlon. As I needed to learn to swim front crawl better (I could only manage about 50m and seemed to swallow half the pool!) I decided I needed to join a club to help me. I found I loved triathlon and the club, so stayed.Lucy is a BTF level 1 Coach and a UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness

Contact: membershipwillesdentri@gmail.com

Lucy - Membership and Coach

Emily – Chair

Role: I make sure the club runs smoothly and meets its goal of being London’s friendliest triathlon club. This includes coordinating the committee meetings, making sure we have enough volunteers to help with the running of the club, and ensuring that we provide a wide range of triathlon and social activities throughout the year which are suitable for all levels.

Why I joined: I joined WTC to get into triathlon a few years ago, and haven’t looked back. It’s an interesting sport with so many techniques to learn you can never get bored. And the club itself is fantastic – fun, friendly and supportive, as well as physically challenging.

Contact: chairwillesdentri@gmail.com

Emily - Chair

Laura – Treasurer

Role: I’m in charge of the club’s finances, so I’m the one you’ll hear from if for some reason you’ve forgotten to pay for your training sessions! On the positive side, my role ensures that the club has sufficient funds to buy equipment and organize events that benefit the members!

Why I joined: I originally joined WTC just to keep fit, with no thought of competing. Before I knew it, I had completed — and enjoyed — a couple of races, with great support from my lovely club-mates!

Contact: treasurerwillesdentri@gmail.com

Laura - Treasurer

Rowena – Secretary

Role: My role as Secretary is to organise the AGM and committee meetings.

Why I joined: I joined WTC to meet new people and improve my swim stroke, running and cycling. You definitely don’t have to be fast to join but I’m faster now that I have! The people are awesome too.

Contact: secretarywillesdentri@gmail.com

Rowena - Secretary

Lauren – Social Secretary

Role: I organise the social side of the club – monthly socials, post-event celebrations and attending the season’s official club races.

Why I joined: I joined WTC to get into triathlon and share the experience with others. I had never competed in any triathlon before joining the club. The coaches gave me the confidence and technical tips to attack my first Sprint Triathlon (AJ Bell) earlier on in the year and I absolutely loved it! I have now signed up for my first Half-ironman which I aim to complete next May 2018!

Contact: socialwillesdentri@gmail.com

Lauren - Social Secretary

Des – Special Events

Role: Arranging regular events for the club which try to focus on at least one area of triathlon!

Why I joined: I grew up playing rugby and did my first triathlon in 2013 when my friends peer pressured me into doing London Triathlon with them. When I crossed the finish line I was hooked and went on to do Olympic distance, Half Iron and Ironman in successive years after that. I learned to swim pretty much from scratch, hadn’t been on a bike in years and wasn’t fond of running anything over 400 metres so there is hope for us all!

Des - Special Events

Helen – Community Liaison Officer

Role: I recently moved to the area and would really like WTC to make the most of the people and places in the area. As such, I am responsible for securing discounts on local races, encouraging participation from different parts of the community and am always open to suggestions!

Why I joined: I have always been part fish from a young age, enjoy travelling on two wheels and am a determined person so thought I would combine this into triathlon. I completed my first two sprint distances races this year, and am planning to do an Olympic next year. This club has a great mix of local and not so local people, which makes for good fun and massive improvements too!

Helen - Community Liaison Officer

Peter – Webmaster

Role: I keep the website up and running 💻

Why I joined: I swam competitively growing up but only began running after moving to London. Add in a cycle commute and training towards a triathlon seemed the only sensible option! The club caters for all levels, both in the water and out, and lives up to being the friendliest club in London.

Peter - Webmaster