Using Spond

A brief guide to using Spond for WTC Tuesday training sessions, from your friendly Treasurer

(1) Please sign up for *either* Swim & Run or Run Only, never both.

(2) Please pay when you sign up, unless you have paid for sessions in advance by buying a bundle. (If you have done this, I will let you know when your credit has run out.)

(3) If you sign up for the Swim & Run waiting list, we will assume that you will still want to run if you don’t get a swim place. If this is not the case (if you won’t run unless you can also swim), you can signal this by declining the Run Only event.)

(4) If you have signed up for any event (including the waiting list) and discover that you can’t make it after all, please decline your spot. In the case of Swim & Run, or the S&R waiting list, please be sure to do this as soon as you can, to give others the best chance of claiming your spot.

(5) There is no need to decline an event, unless you are in situation (3) or (4).

(6) If you are on the S&R waiting list (especially if you are near the front of the queue), please ensure that Spond notifications are turned on and check for them when you can, so that you can confirm acceptance of your spot, or decline it if necessary. This way, everyone will have as much notice as possible.

If any of the above isn’t clear, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks very much,